SSIS: Debugging Script component break point is not working

Issue 1

I created a SSIS Script Component task (C#4.0 VS2012) and I want to debug the C# code inside the Script component. I set few break points then run with debugging. The break point does not fire at all. I double checked the script editor and package, both shows break point set up successful.


The reason it might not be triggered is that it may be using the 64 bit runtime. Try running it in the 32 bit runtime. To fix it –

  1. Go to the Solution Explorer
  2. Right click your SSIS project node > Properties
  3. In Configuration Properties > Debugging > Debug Options > Set Run64BitRunTime to False.

Issue 2

Created SSIS Script component task with script languageC# VS2012, but added .net 4.6 dll or used upper C# 4.0 feature then break point cannot triggered as well.


  1. remove all above 4.0 version feature and dll
  2. or upgrade project to latest version